Circle of Health natisni

The Circle of Health has become our new traditional activity. In 2011 it replaced the Think of Your Heart Race in the Tivoli Park, which was previously organized for five years and was extremely well-attended each year (around 1000 runners). In addition to the actual run, other activities such as measuring blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels took place.

We believe that organizing the Circle of Health enables us to reach the general population better. The entire event is held at Prešernov Square in the centre of Ljubljana, therefore more passers-by will be warned of the dangers of cardiovascular disease and encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and the media coverage will be more extensive.

On several stands, blood sugar, blood pressure, amount of carbon monoxide in exhaled air and blood cholesterol will be measured and advice on healthy diet and exercise will be given. Passers-by will also be warned of harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol and unhealthy diet. The measurements and raising awareness on this important topic will be held throughout the day. The Think of Your Heart team will be helped by other projects of Medical Students' Association of Slovenia.