Cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention workshops for high-school students natisni

Workshops with peer-to-peer education about cardiovascular disease and healthy lifestyle in high schools are one of our main activities as we’ve found that peer-to-peer is the most effective mode of transmission of knowledge (or data in general, really). In cooperation with many professionals from different fields, we did our best to equip every single lecturer-to-be with the appropriate knowledge – expert as well as pedagogic – and went to great pains when designing the workshops, in order to maximize their positive outcomes.

Workshops are designed to present the risk factors of CVD development in an interesting and engaging manner. In addition, the listeners can gain some knowledge about the diseases of cardiovascular system and means of their prevention, most importantly about the principles of healthy lifestyle and their implementation in the listeners' school and family environment. Each individual can then add the value to the project by spreading the world about heart-friendly way of living to their peers and family members.