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Misli na srce (Think of Your Heart) Project 

During the recent years, cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become the number one killer in Slovenia, responsible for more than one third of all deaths in addition to many cases of disability. Even with improved knowledge in this area, better diagnostic tools, curative procedures and therapeutics, the numbers are increasing.

As medical students and future doctors, we feel that not only we need to help save the lives of people afflicted with CVD, but we have to make a difference in terms of lowering the toll that CVD have on the vitality of general population. And what better way to start than at the very root cause of CVD? We made our mission to help in decreasing the incidence of CVD in Slovenia by challenging everyone to start making decisions that will benefit their health in the long term and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Thus the project Think of Your Heart was born. 

The project is one of the Slovenian Medical Students International Committee’s (SloMSIC) public health projects, where students have pulled their ideas, time and energy in an organization based solely on volunteer work and voluntary financial contribution. All members of the project strive to fulfil our vision: to raise awareness about the dangers of CVD and promote a healthy lifestyle among youth and the general population.  

One part of our work is directed towards high-school students in a form of workshops with peer-to-peer education about CVD and healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to convince our youth that banishing smoking, fast foods and sedentary lifestyle out of their mind and out of their life is the single most effective step they can make, to stop or at least postpone the onset of preventable heart disease. 

In order to educate the general public more effectively about prevention and the dangers of CVD, we are organizing a congress about the topic at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia), interesting for everyone invested in becoming or staying healthy. Our main event is Health Day, which takes place once a year at one of Ljubljana’s main squares. We take advantage of this prime location to measure blood sugar and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and carbon monoxide levels as well as to promote healthy lifestyle to passers-by.

As we do not wish to keep all the good health just for ourselves, we would like to invite you to join us in our battle against CVD. You can contribute your knowledge, ideas, time, energy or simply your enthusiasm to our project, or alternatively start a similar project. Either way, we'll be more than glad of your companionship. 

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~ The Think of Your Heart team ~